Cirmage Lifting Stick 1 Pc

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Contained sixty eight types of beauty compounds lead resilient and glossy skin with a good amount of dampness, before Makeup. The balm creates brightening influence whenever you try using the balm as primer. Brightening influence leads lustrous epidermis with transparency, while training face tone. Hydrating influence blankets your skin while retaining moisture, like face pack. The balm includes thick beauty extracts for example Collagen, Argireline etc. to state the skin of yours. Massaging Treatment - by implementing the balm like carrying up the face line of yours as well as laugh lines, you are able to be massaging outcome. Primer - The balm has an exquisite hardness that the beauty extracts melt properly in the heat of your skin. The balm problems and also changes the unevenness of your skin easily.

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